The Lost Generation

The lost generation
Bereft of direction
By life, disillusioned
In emotional starvation

Hoping for salvation
Dreams and inspirations
Searching for redemption
Journeying without destinations.


a fleeting dream
it flits
and flitters for a while

a faint
and vanishing whisper
by the breezy sky

are not forever
it fades
and fails with time

on sandy beaches
by the waving tide

is an illusion
it shrouds
and shadows existance

enshrouding vision
on unopened eyes

are but obstructions
that blocks
a restful slumber

raining from the heavens
on heavy shoulders

is an affliction
a disease
that leads to sorrow

a cancer
to a heart's emotion
a sickness
that bleeds the marrows

Oh How I Wish

Oh how I wish,
I could disappear.

To go away,
far from here.

To leave all,
and everything behind.

To discard,
this sorry existance of mine.

For a new start,
to a new beginning.

For a different path,
from mine that's ending.

Oh how I wish,
I could disappear.

How I wish,
that it were...

The Lonely Man

With towering buildings all along,
In the hustle-bustle of city life,
And yet always I feel alone,
In the crowd and forest of people alive,

With tired steps I walked along,
Through arches and streets so full of life,
And yet always I am alone,
My heart unfeeling, devoid, unalive,

I've had families, friends and foes,
And yet always I feel alone,
Why? Why? Why? I asked along,
And yet no answer can be borne,

We cannot fight what fate have decreed,
What destiny says shall always borne,
Thus is my fate in this dismal creed,
Forever destined to remain alone,

I am the lonely one,
I am the lonely man.

@baronhawk poetry

copyright Hazlan Zakaria 2003
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