Beyond The Memory

There it lives,
beyond the memory,
a special place,
that once was you and me.

Where I found,
the me that I could be,
when you're around,
your love does this to me.

We would fly,
and soar into the sky,
reaching high,
to touch where heavens lie.

All around,
the distance, through the times,
where we are bound,
by love that's most sublime.

You and I,
forever and will be,
rhymes that sigh,
this special melody.

Love through time,
and distance that it bridge,
where we'll find,
a love that is complete.

And even when,
you are gone so far away,
my heart still send,
its love to you each day.

To me it is,
forever and will be,
our love still lives,
beyond the memory.
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