A Whisper Drowned In Tears

I hear it now so clear,
a whisper drowned in tears,
a sombre lullaby,
most bitter of goodbyes.

Standing on these shores,
regretting past befores,
as time sauntered by,
and I'm to ponder why.

My gaze construed my sight,
ablaze into the night,
my dreams of new horizons,
it seems askew forlorn.

As hope has gone away,
I spoke unsung dismay,
that glimmer in the dark,
have simmered and unspark.

The oasis of the heart,
once bliss without a blight,
now sundered and condemned,
dust-choked and harsh-dried land.


I have felt both
the pain and ecstacy
the taste of honey and bile's bitter remedy

I have seen all
of life's constancy
its hopeful beginnings and in death its ending litany

the touch of love
a viper's deadly kiss
that fearsome embrace that crushes nubile wills

the grip of hatred
the caress of cold iron's brisk
and the sudden swiftness of sharp tempered steel

the tread of friendship
amongst grounds diverse unfamiliar
that gentle bond which crosses all borders

the grimness of emnity
shrouded amidst and unclear
a tenderness that severs all things once held dear

that brazen caress of truth
a freedom to all to see to touch and to know
but a pit too deep to digress before sorrow touches all

the insipid trimmings of a lie
that covers routes most hidden forsaken far below
a little cloud on a dare that shadows the sun's prickly thaw.

What I Long For

I have seen the world in my days I deem
I have travelled far and seen spectacular sights
the first drops of dew on morning leaves it gleams
the hummingbirds that flew suspended as if by slight
the last grasping rays of tropical sun that seems
to descend into waves as if plucked by the night
the sprays and cascades of a waterfall's stream
that jaunty parade of bubbling delightS
but what I long for in all my dreams
is only for a glimpse of your beautiful sight

I have heard of songs crafted by art
inspired by muses but to angels belong
symphonies and melodies that stills the heart
concertos and pieces a soul's dipthong
I have heard sweet sounds that nature imparts
the chirping of birds as they fly along
the soothing waves of the sea's caresses light
as they whisper to the sands of the beaches in throngs
but in the ear that sits in my innermost heart
for your lovely voice is all that I long

I have felt the softness of silk's embrace
the sweet lures of a virgin's caress
such delicate tinglings as the warmth encase
in the balmy waters of a hot spring I rest
the refreshing touch of breeze the winds that race
across bays as if a lover trying to confess
the coolness of shade as it comes to replace
the burning rays of sun that has been a duress
but beyond these sensations I long for only one grace
for a timbre and feel of your gentle touch upon my flesh.


I step in silence
I walk in shadows
My gaze envenomed
My looks are daggers

A drop of poison
A prick of razors
Upon blades of iron
Upon tips of arrows

Thy flesh thy mettle
Do crumble so supple
Thy life to angels
I consign immaterial.


Dampened by youth,
Escape is only for a while,
Are we not drawn,
To those nets,
Hovering to catch us all.

Deep we shall fall,
Encapsuled in its embrace,
Awaiting our time,
That final call,
Hounding all who live.

Destiny's final twist,
Enroute to the doom of time,
A soul's resting space,
The wait for final judgement,
Heaven's will to all.

Doomed are we all,
Enshrouded by this fate,
Athwart our mortal wiles,
This we cannot defeat,
Hunters who never sleep.

An Island I Call Mine

In a sea,
as wide as it can be.
Beyond land,
as far as I can.
Through the shoals,
where waves are out of control.
Over reefs,
many a sailor's grief.

There it stands,
an island I call mine.
Where I am king,
over one and everything.
Trespass not,
or you shall likely be shot.
This I swear,
for all witnesses to bear.

Beyond time,
here will I refine.
A heart of hate,
doomed by unfeeling fate.
A tortured mind,
consigned to twisted rhymes.
My revenge,
will be at thy expense.

Here I stand,
upon these blackened sands.
On these shores,
I plot to even scores.
Harken to me,
for you will all soon see.
All will rue,
the day I claim my dues.

Fate is never kind,
so take what you can find.
The world is never fair,
it belongs to those who dare.
I summon the clouds of storm,
to wreathe my once gentle form.
Lightning shall now dance,
where trust once walked in front.

Woe betide dismay,
I wish upon all today.
Crushed shall be all joys,
no more laughters after my ploys.
Fear and brutal dreams,
I forge and build to brim.
From this island my domain,
I shall bind you all to pain.

A Stitch At A Time

Upon the silken strands
that fate have wove for me
into the artful dance
that is life's tapestry

I glimpsed not where it ends
though I knew from whence it came
too many knots to untangle, unwind
how difficult is life to frame

As the spindle churns and loom imprints
the tale of life adjourns to each subtle refrain
how glossy is the past in the sight it glints
that we often are trapped in its gilded chains

But life moves on and the patterns change
each one overlapping, replaced by the new
no matter what joy or indeed what pain
we must learn to reform changing colours and hues

Though the gears and grooves are sometimes choked
knots and tangles will often construe
patience and care most often would work
and sometimes a smile would also do

Remember to keep in the workshop of fate
sharp scissors of wit to untangle what may
a bottle of good humor for which to lubricate
and a dash of forbearance to anchor the day

When tears flow and sadness abounds
let it go and let it drown
paint it blue in colour all around
and then add yellow the color of the sun

In the patterns of life
a storm would we often glance
but despite its strive
in its wake rainbows would dance

Soo many patterns soo many hues
It is oft difficult to count all that was
soo many colours that chance would drew
I am often tired just keeping scores

As I think of the knit that fate may bring
living the day from hem to hem
maybe it is better for us I think
to just live our lives a stitch at a time.
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