A Farewell In Gesture

Upon the eaves of tomorrow
I bid adieu in quiet sorrow
upon the weaves of today
I leave to wander quite astray
Upon the leaves of yesteryears
I speak of apologies in measures
Upon beliefs of the future
I rescind to the memories that I will treasure
Upon these words I tender
I to thee a farewell in gesture.

Of Eowyn And Faramir

It is a tale of painful heartbreaks
of an unrequited lover and a disconsolate son
but in the ends a joyous tale awaits
for when these two souls are united as one

the first is the lady most beautiful and fair
the Lady Eowyn the fairest of the Rohirrim
lost for the love of Aragorn and torn by despair
in this world of the living nothing holds her to dream

wounded in battle by blows from Nazgul mace
wounded in heart by a love that was not hers to receive
left behind to heal and to recuperate her grace
but perchance a soul can't be mended as the body is

days she spent under the matron's worried eyes
in the healing house confined her pacings devoid of joys
to the east her eyes would wander, her heart likewise
where Aragorn, her brother Eomer and brave soldiers faced Mordor's ploys

a wish in her wounded heart, a dream perchance
to ride with those heroes to death and into glory
for as this world no longer holds a chance
than her only hope is to die at least with majesty

the second the Lord Faramir the most beloved of Gondor's captains
brother to Boromir the firstborn of Denethor slain by Orcish arrows
blamed for a crime he was never responsible nor by actions
the loss of a son by a father who mourns in sorrow

accused of consorting with Gandalf by his own sire
the prey of Denethor's disturbed mind, a sacrifice for sorrows
wounded by Nazgul dart as he vainly fought a losing venture
singed by fires as mad Denethor sought to have him burnt in the barrows

but returned he was to the world of the living
called forth by the touch of a king and the aroma of Athelas
mourning the loss of a brother to enemies and temptations of the ring
grieving for a father whose love he lost to madness and a Palantir's mental grasp

as he sat on rooftop gardens his eyes are also to the east
in his mind the hopes of a subject received of his rightful king
his dreams are of peace and the foretelling of lasting bliss
for his eyes have seen the cold beauty of a maiden of the Rohirrim

to the matron of the healing house under whose charge they both lay
a request was asked by Lord Faramir for Eowyn to join him on the rooftops
in the gardens they both would spent their hours of each day
both looking to the east as a succour for their tears and sobs

how cold at first their touches were just looks and helpful nudge
for the cold wild maiden from the plains is truly distraught
in Eowyn's soul an empty place where none dare trudge
in Faramir's heart the hopeful blossoms of a romance that he sought

hours they would spent on the rooftop gardens above
often in silence just the company of one and the other
then one day he held out his hand to assist her to strove
walking by and by a hand in each others would they wander

then the silence he did break asking of her affections to Aragorn
he questioned her of her hopes of battle and glorious valour
for the love that she mistook may not be romance but a soldier's bond
it is often that a soldier would deign to feel for a king's noble demeanour

the love of a subject to a king is not romantic in nature
but a recognition of noble threads upon the mantle of kings
such love was her affection lost as she was in her dreams of valour
that she mistook upon a whim of Aragorn as more than her king

until at last she did agree her love for Aragorn was perhaps a whim
but now she reveals that her soul was indeed now empty
for without that love there is nothing left for her to dream
he held out his arm to her again but this time not as a helpful deed

but as a man for a lady who holds his heart as hostage
"I might not be a king" said Faramir "but will you Eowyn be my queen?"
"only a captain am I but for your love a kingdom I will create"
"I pledge my love to thee my lady O! beatiful Eowyn"

his hand did she took with a tear in her eye
for indeed in attendance each day on the rooftop gardens
a feeling did creep into her soul and her love did fly
for the man she has grown to love in the silence they both warrants

"What would you want my lord, with a wild maiden without guile?"
asked Eowyn amidst tears of joy as she melt into his embrace
"What more could I ask for but of your beauty and sweet smile"
said Faramir as he gently kissed her slightly upturned face

so united into one their souls entwined at last
the Steward of Gondor and the cold maiden from the plains
by love's gentle grace they emerge from their pasts
as lovers often do as they are healed by love's refrain

In Ithillien did they dwell, Minas Ithil rebuild
as Prince and Princess to serve the grace of Gondor's King
such sweet bliss they have wed by Aragorn's will
to their dying days in love and hand in hand they cling


A lady tall and fair
pale of skin but with fiery fiery hair
a maiden of the Rohirrim
a daughter sired of kings
a lady high-bred, noble-born
but weaned on battle cries and warrior's songs

wielding sword as well as knitting stave
caged by form as well as duty's sake
a spirit that longs for battlefields
and a heart looking for love's gentle release
a prisoner caged in golden halls
by gilded chains of fate enthralled

a delicate beautiful lass
of fine silk and fragile glass
but a spirit of hardened steel
tempered with courage and strength of will
upon dreams her hopes are set
to redeem the tally of a life in regret

for the unrequited love of an exiled king
and the glories that battle does sing
rode Eowyn in disguised plaid
with the riders of Rohan to Gondor's aid
for death for valour and into glory
a spurned heart looks not for any victory.
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