The Unrequited Years

What is the point of missing
one that still breathes near
what is the point of kissing
lips that pouts for another

what is the point of hoping
when her heart's not yours
what is the point of dancing
when its not with her

what is the point of asking
when nay's the answer
what is the point of holding
hands that won't hold yours

what is the point of wasting
time to chase the lure
what is the point of loving
these unrequited years.

So Be It

If this be end
so be it

for its not in men
to overturn fate

but cities shall burn
stilled bodies trampled

to consecrate the monuments
and legacy of the humbled.

Sebalik Arca

Sebalik arca
lakur sandiwara
tersadai punca
cebis panorama

tuah dan tuju
sandaran kelu
gurauan waktu
ejekan pilu

hati seada
cinta nan fana
menimang alpa
sepi dan luka

terkilan sayu
rentetan sedu
telahan shahdu
gurisan kalbu

apakah daya
takdir damba
unggun cinta
tak sudi nyala.

Memories With Phyllis & The IQ Gang

T'was a moment of respite,
from the lure of days bygone,
those kindred memories shared,
torrid adventures as IQ's wont.

Peculiar tales of faerie creatures,
horrid monsters but mostly friends,
that zips and zaps each other,
tip toeing the poetic YPDC realm.

A case of mixed up cocktail mixers,
a New York trip's virtual stalk,
tell tales of unseen hamsters,
and figures in jumpsuits clothed.

An unusual mix that shelters,
a camaraderie borne with time,
a quid pro quo ensemble,
crossing borders, age and rhyme.

Within which lies the mention,
this tid bit that I hold dear,
those moments spanning distance,
did hold a special allure.

Tis' the memory of a friend
whose extended hands bequeathed
good company and wisdom
to a lonely soul in need.

If I can...

If I can... utter
but one wish
it'll be your name
upon these lips
a plea for time
to stop its tease
to let me find
and feel your kiss.

If I can... hear
but only once
enough for me
to feel the sound
the gentle tingling
of your voice
the lovely tickle
its caress.

If I can... see
but just one dream
it is the beauty
that you paint
the loveliness
in you it sings
to jaded eyes
sweet sigh it brings.

If I can... feel
but only this
the love that fills
my heart with bliss
my time is here
my life complete
you are the reason
that I live.

The Song of Shirin

It is often said that ALLAH
would tests us all with pain
HE'll lay us low as penance
and cleanse our soul of sin.

I cannot claim to fathom
the mysteries of such as HIM
but I do know the rhythm
that life most often sing.

The dips and downs that beckons
at times does slip the bounds
pulling you off your rocker
sending you to the pound.

But I would like to sound
the bell that tolls for thee
the song that SHIRIN sung
a soul that's full of glee.

There is nothing more that I
can remember very well
those life-filled loving eyes
and dreams such ardour filled

I am sure that somewhere lies
those shoes that danced so well
the wardrobe of life's success
that fits you well and still

Until that day does comes
and you are your old self
I pray and bid thy patience
as GOD works out his will.

Democracy Under Siege (The Perak Story)

Water cannon to the right of them,
Tear gas to the left of them,
FRU in front of them
Spray’d and gass’d;
Storm’d at with truncheon shields,
Boldly they marched and well,
To palatial gates,
Voicing their discontent
Marched the Perak thousands.

An adaptation of Tennyson’s
‘Charge of the Light Brigade’
By the pen and mind of the
Poetically licensed author
Of this here piece.

ONE cannot confess to know, the motivation and the goals, BN’s orchestrated turncoats, the takeover of Perak State. But all things considered, BN is tempting the fates, and is quite rather verily, climbing disaster’s chimney.

It may not be by intention, driven perhaps by exuberance, and the glee to consolidate, this once prodigal state. But the sum total of BN’s, impetuous and callous actions, is in effect a tête-à-tête, to putting democracy under siege.

Especially to the eyes, of the awakened electorates, that no longer partakes, regular tales and rhetoric. BN politician speaks; ears closed shut teeth, hypocrisy waxes, truth justice sleeps.

To the discontented masses, the only just recourse, demonstrations in the streets, for democracy is under siege. The hallmark of our time; the reformasi roar and chant, eclipses the BN sun, a tsunami of the rakyat kind.

I am not here to defend, Datuk Seri Nizar nor his supporters actions, which did to my beliefs, contributed to the crisis. But I am here to highlight, BN’s all too contrite, questionable methods, and means ill-considered.

Though I do commit the sin, of absentee judging, that of knowing the man, through reports and second hand. I know enough the gist, to form my disbelief; Nizar’s reactive when provoked, but BN is downright low down rude.

What else is achieved, not given room to breathe, Pushed to the limits, his back against concrete. It’s just only natural, that a cornered individual; shall turn around to face, and stand his ground in place.

Thrown out and locked from office; asked to return car keys; sans dignity and adab, that PR to BN once did give. It is one of Sun Tzu’s law; leave room for the enemy to withdraw, In Datuk Seri Nizar’s case, he was not given that grace.

Revolutions may occur, many places and reason for, but its likelihood increase, when two things co-exist. Alas I have to say, both things we see today, co-mingling in Perak State, fermenting in Malaysia’s rakyat.

The first is empty stomachs, empty wallets uncertain paychecks, economic pressure or nature’s famine; the end result is just the same. Restless tummies idle hands, unsettling hearts heating heads, a quagmire of ill-tempers, a populace on the precipice.

The second is malingering presence, of a valid and festering grievance, the rakyat’s hijacked trust; BN’s calculated callousness. A wound that slowly sickens, therakyat’s short on patience; grounds fertile to unrest, which PR may just yet seize.

We stand on dangerous grounds, war and havoc may yet sound; a terrible toll that may encompass, in the end therakyat loses. I call for BN’s prudence, and PR to rein their judgments, the fate of our nation, by their actions shall be determined.

Give to PR its due time, a breather to test its claim, the courtesy courts and grace, the dignity to vacate in peace. And if proven in due course, let PR acquiesce their loss; then BN can come in, serve the people mind you not do more sin.

But if PR’s suit does stands, then toll the electoral bell, for the State Assembly is hung, both sides stands rung to rung. What is there to lose, but to gain in moral suit, by giving the rakyat that gift, of the true democratic process?

To the Sultan I do plead, upon hands and knees bended, please listen to the rakyat, whose authority is in Your Highness invested. The government is held accountable; by Your Grace are they held in check, but you My Royal Highness, are accountable to us and GOD.

We did not fight MacMicheal, see the Malayan Union repealed, gave up life blood from veins, to reinstate the colonial reign. The rakyat are hereby challenged, not by foreign hands, but brash federal dictates, and shady incongruous deeds.

I stand before the One, standing in front of all, the self appointed mouthpiece, of this time this generation and place. Calling out for sense, the infusion of reason and wit, before it all goes to hell; everything fell out of place.

Whither dear dear BN, if you are serious about serving, do it with our consent, our ballots in your name. Do not give us a reason, another to scorn your name, respect and right to rule, is earned and never stolen.

Wherefore mighty PR, dancing that king kong dance, its not always the case, that a victory by conflict be bound. Please recall the violence, hold your supporters in check, it is after all their interest, to stay safe and unchained.

Most of all His Highness, the Duli Yang Mulia Sultan, our liege and sacred keeper, for Law Unity and Islam. The law is meant to protect, the rights of the rakyat, not as a means to hijack, nor usurp their sovereign right.

Democracy is still not dead, thankfully it’s still alive, for we the rakyat still speak, so listen to this song we sing. Democracy is under siege, curtailed from its true becoming, lift it while we yet still speak, wait not until we start to react.

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