A reply to a question: R u in love my friend?


"I might be, though it could be indigestion, bad humours or something else. But of late I have been experiencing this terrible fondness, and helpless adoration for a person I have just both gotten to know and still don't yet really understand. Then again it may just be gas and too much sushi. For a distance exist between she and I, a gulf too great for age, time, reason and distance to cross. She lies upon the better, perfect side, while I am trapped upon my weird, incomplete shores. Jagged as I am, compared to her perfectly cute surreptitiousness. A belle dancing a tango that I can only hope in dream to join. The slab footed dancer that is me, whose melody is always out of rhyme. She flits, she floats, while I blunder and meander about. The "babe" that she is, would perchance never even notice that I am. Tis' perhaps the forbidden fruit, the one that will never ever be, for all signs portends, that I will never ever will. Sigh... though perhaps that much is true, tis' love at its best and worst. To have felt it and yet never feel its touch. But then again it's 3.33am I am rambling and more than a little sleep deprived. Tis' perhaps nothing, just disguised wisps of wistfulness floating in the night-borne wind."

On the passing of Benjamin McKay

For a soul transplanted
he was more than apt
a passion for moving pictures
more than matched his step

a bright spot he was
upon a scene he polished
a twinkle of a lark
whose light helped it flourish

good night and good luck
into the other sided veil
the silvery screened contrails
as shiny as his heart

to Benjamin our kind thoughts
may his good humour prevail
his journey star studded
as he blaze new trails.

Langit Jingga

Nun di sana langit menjingga
wabak wacana hati nan lara,
Urut perkara detik peristiwa
runtun alpa melirik jiwa,

Roh dipanggil mencuit sepi
bagaikan takdir sudah dijanji,
Adakah cucuk dua sejoli
tanggam bertaut jalan selari,

Ini igauan ataupun damba
siang malam silih bersua,
Diraut liut, wajah suara
makin bertaut makin lama,

Istilah pujangga dirujuk kaji
makna teruja dirusuk kiri,
Laut memisah jarak menyepi
namuh pasrah masih bersemi,

Adakah ini namanya cinta
atau hanya buaian mimpi?

Antara Dua Timor

‎Di antara dua Timor
dilirik indah direnung senja
harapan, doa dan juga syukur
moga aman akhir bahagia

Digaris tinta disepit sempadan
dilorek warna karya bendera
namun warkah setia sekawan
di dalam hati tercantum jua.

Dari Kupang hingga ke dili
dilintas oleh senyum mentari
F-FDTL atau pun ABRI
yang jadi ukur insan dan hati.

Collected FB status messages and comments

"What greater thing than thought, to beat back the gloom of clime. For no storm nor hazy murk, can best the heart-mind sunshine. What is, is. But what you make of it, are the vessels which holds the best of times."

"... count cloudy puffs o'er waves as the sun sinks past, dipping into night across dreamy horizon, amidst decking creaks and sea gull squawks."

‎"If you do what you love, everything else will follow. Being with one you love, makes everything better."

"I sometimes wonder, how cruel is fate, to have brought into play all the merits of circumstance, only to push away that which I craved for, yearned and want."

"The world takes no notice of defeat, glorifying only the win. Those without surfeits, walks slow alone and grim."

"...hates it when the hero dies, such is the world, but maybe it's better blaze away in glory than to await the inevitable in obscurity."

Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?

"It lies not in our power to love, or hate,
For will in us is over-ruled by fate.
When two are stript long ere the course begin,
We wish that one should loose, the other win.
And one especially does love affect,
Of two gold Ingots like in each respect,
The reason no man knows, let it suffice,
What love behold is censured by our eyes.
Where both deliberate, the love is slight,
Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?"

~ excerpt from Hero and Leander by Christopher Marlowe

To Christine on her mother's passing

"Green of grass and blue of skies
the tender gifts God lent to earth
as gentle friends and family ties
whom He loveth more than us

seasons past and years go by
some will he call to return above
though their passing may scar
let their love resonate within us."

Rain of love

I watch rain drop fall,
rivulets on the ground,
wondering if its turn,
to fall to circumstance.

Like tears they flow,
lining one by one,
as the tempest blows,
spinning them around.

There I see you girl,
at the other end,
across magnet fields,
of this wireless send.

What more can I say,
the rain hadn't done,
open tear my veil,
make my heart go round.

Stuck in my throat,
frozen in my head,
words heart felt,
I think it instead.

Will you join me girl,
will you walk the rain,
let us dance and twirl,
as the tempest sing.

Let me hold your hand,
lips brush your smile,
hope you understand,
though my heart is shy.

I ask you girl,
in the clouds you dwell,
if the rain is love,
will you let it fall.

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