The Memory of You

Ever would I remember
the times of we together
though it's better to forget
your memory holds me back.

Long have I suffered
in dreams I often whispered
but it lives within memory
our piece of love's history.

Looking always for a reason
to forget all the seasons
but still I do remember
the times of we together.

You were my first and still the one
oh how I wish for it then
though I have ever since moved on
my heart still often sings your song.

Now and then, forever on
my heart is no longer only my own
for a piece of me has gone astray
along with you as you went away.

Ever still I will remember
all the times of we together
to whatever fate that I am due
I bring always the memory of you.

The Throne of Tears

As I sit upon this throne
across this great divide,
upon this frozen ocean
dead dreams, emotional discards.

I see not the distant shore
long lost are hope's embrace,
for the darkness seeps more and more
as the light is slowly displaced.

Gone are the summer's warmth
in this bleak and frozen landscape,
the cold and frigid storms
from which there is no escape.

Oh how I reach up for the sun
but gloomy clouds get in the way,
deep within this lonely clime
as penance perhaps I have to stay.

Out Cold

I am out cold
by the roadside
in the rain
shivering my pains
punched out by life
left to freeze
on my own
without recourse
just a mountain of doubts.

They shut me out
life did
left me behind
aimless upon land
sinking upon seas
alone within this pit
a bottomless abyss
to suffer without bliss
in the darkness of hate.

It was a drastic fall
the calamity complete
no one to understand my thoughts
nor any to catch my fall
but a long, long drop
off the edge
into the endless nights
lonely days
the empty sadness in between.

I am bleeding life
yet no one cares
no one dared
no one to find me
thus I remain
ever lost
ever always
in this maze
the labyrinthine hallways.

What one may ask
in life a chance
to find redemption
or a place to rest
a home to belong to
a trade or repast
a love to cling to
understanding at best
some happiness due
and peace at mind.

But I am out cold
punched out by life
left out in the rain
to shiver in my pains
shut out by the world
I find no repast
no meager understanding
nor a measure of rest
left alone to fall
into the darkest pit
I remain withall
lost and incomplete.


There is a place,
Beyond even the reach of kings,
For which the rich,
Would give their everything,

A distant vale,
Within the shrouds of fate,
Behind high clouds,
Upon destiny's dictates,

Governed not by need,
Nor by just desserts,
But by the random thrusts,
And wit of life's inserts,

Lucky is the one,
Who finds these hallowed halls,
Which eludes even those who followed,
Step by step in all,

Happiness is the name,
Contentment this place,
That most elusive bliss,
Upon only a few its grace.


As softly as a whisper, borne upon the breeze.
As sweetly as a kiss, from a lover's loving lips.
As gently as a touch, aflamed by passion's lust.
As lovely as it is, to feel what love invests.

To dimly remember, the tales of yesterdays.
To dearly discover, the feel of love's embrace.
To verily forever, lose a part of you.
To luckily recover, the smiles long lost to youth.

Memories of old, that lives on in tides.
Friendships of past, the lives that I have touched.
Loves and lovers lost, those who touched my heart.
Peoples I have met, the world that gave me much.

Upon these fecund fields, a seed did sprout.
upon those lovely years, a tale throughout.
Upon this veil of time, embroided by constellations.
Upon the stretch of years, remembered and forgotten.
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