I have long wished for this
cold featured anonymity,
a hermit's lonely gist
and solitary dignity.

yet encased within such forms
hidden behind thought and scorn,
it is terrible to be alone
a vision that is truely forlorn.

I guess it's true as it was said
be careful in what you wish for,
if there is anything of which I did
this is where regret comes to fore.

Those Haunting Eyes

From the first I saw
those haunting eyes,
ever was I drawn
to their haunted stare.

Deeper and deeper
did I drown,
within their depths
of pooled eclairs.

Delicious pools
of ice-blue mien,
as cool breezes
sensual and sly.

Like a siren's song
a succubi's sigh,
seducing attention
from this mortal's eye.

In The Darkened Candlelight

I stayed out all alone
in the darkened candlelight
left there on my own
to languish in my plight.

Hiding in the shadows
are cold uneaten meals
what remains of lost echoes
of what used to be real.

A single rose still stands
in the vase of what was
but it is blackened to the stem
a symbol of hurt and loss.

I sat there all alone
at a table meant for two
crying on my own
upon memories of you.

In the darkened candlelight
as it danced its faded gleam
I cried out my bleeding heart
at the loss of hope and dream.
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