Sometimes I would lie awake
and pace the halls at night
thinking about you babe
and this tender love inside

Sometimes I would walk the streets
in the day to pass the time
still thinking of your sweet
smile and lovely shine

Sometimes I wonder why
this love I feel inside
these feelings that I have
the beatings of my heart

Sometimes I would catch your eye
in the rearview mirror when you drive
as you run those hands of yours
across your hair and sigh

Sometimes I would close my eyes
and dream that you were mine
wishing that those tender looks
belong to me this time

Sometimes I hope you realize
all this I feel inside
but I know that your heart lies
to a luckier man than I

Sometimes I would try
to live and let die
but this feelings gonna grow
and maybe its best that I go

Sometimes I think I'll stay
for even with my wasted heart
I would rather be near
to see you smile each day

Sometimes I feel like giving up
and surrender to this fate
it is enough to see you near
enough to ease my pain

Sometimes, somewhere somehow
I wish that you'd be here
sometimes, somewhere, somehow
I wish upon a star

Sometimes its just as well
this is just a tale to tell
sometimes it rains, it shines
love is too often blind.

The Lady That I Adore

You stride along
a graceful peacock
and can't but help
but hold that gleam.

A splendid answer
to lonely requiems
one that wakens
long dormant dreams.

Upon what road
shall I find the way
once at least
for me to say.

My sudden sojourn
and heartfelt foray
into love's
deep deep quay.

Alas I must
remain disguised
for your heart and hands
lies only with he.

I can only watch
upon the sidelines
as you dance and dance
in your lover's hands.

I will be happy
that you are
but my sadness
will reign.

For the lady
that I adore
belongs instead
to another man.

Out Of The Blue

Out of the blue,
you came.
Beyond the picture,
beyond the frame.
Destiny's angel,
who lit a flame.
Telling my heart,
to live again.

Your face, your touch
your gentle smile.
Such heavenly looks,
within your eyes.
I wish, I wonder
if you and I.
I dream, I ponder
with hopeful sighs.

Within The Depths

Within the depths
singular lies
the things I kept
to sooth myself

a heavy heart
without love's care
a soul apart
that sighs despair

an empty hall
where echoes sing
tears don't fall
but sadness reigns

a wall of doubts
where hope is trapped
the field where dreams
I buried deep

a haunted well
silently shy
where forgotten ghosts
came down to die

this lonely place
where shadows dance
within the depths
of a lonely man.
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