Hembus Intifada (Media Malaysia)

Di sirna senja
tenggelam kebebasan
di tika durja
cangkumi ufukan.


Bangun tepuk dada
rakan media sekalian
hembus intifada
hak kita perjuangkan.


Amanah suci kita
dari rakyat juga tuhan
tugas juang kita
singkap tirai kebenaran.

Ayuh! Bangun! Bangkit!

Biar tuai jati kita
jadi amanat masa depan
bebas media Malaysia
hanya rakyat jadi tuan!

~ Hazlan Zakaria Dec 12 2013

A Journo's Call To Arms

Beat the drums..
and play the pipes.
Sound the call..
and onward march.

Brothers sisters..
ink for blood.
Hand in hand..
down boulevards.

Ball point armed..
felt tip sharp.
Full charged phones...
lens focus tight.

Memory cards..
and hard drive whir.
Keyboard clack..
as touch pad slide.

Shine bright flash..
recorder poke.
Doorstop em'..
lets all cucuk.

Bring to live..
our mandate clear.
Letting rakyat..
know what's what.

Some may fall..
along the way.
Stand we must..
this is our day.

(In solidarity with news weekly The Heat which has been suspended by a repressive regime.)

Upon Andaman Shores


"Left upon Andaman shores, foot prints made in heaven, 
for even angels marked for toil, deserve  one night in Eden." 

~ Baronhawk aka Hazlan Zakaria

It is the end of times...

There is no future nor is there past, only confining present, while it last, and then... oblivion. As our useless petty lives are interned.

~ Baronhawk aka Hazlan Zakaria
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