Happy Birthday Aidila

Some say you cross the bridge
fine line at twenty-six
to be beyond the gate
wrong side of twenties lilt

but time for thee dilate
the rules they bend and break
the blossom'd years to wit
are sparkles on thy cheeks

passaged time don't chide
they smileth in thine eyes
its wisdom gird thy wiles
attendant to thy smiles

I humbly wish thee this
upon thy remembered bliss
for when the angels deigned
to bless the human race.

What is wrong with Malaysia?

What is the matter with Malaysia?
what is wrong with us?

building's collapsing
court roofs a-leaking
leaders a-lying
babies a-dumping

taxes a-rising
toll fuel a-climbing
ministers a-flying
public funds a-wasting

what is wrong with us?

see there another
white elephant direct nego
sub money dive under
cronies grow fatter

sports they want to gamble
betting our preamble
while parliamentarians bicker
empty political chatter

roads lie unfinished
cities choked in rubbish
poverty flourish
schools left malnourished

what the PERMATA
first lady my... stars
persian cat who cares
what freedom, where are our rights

ISA stood tall
EO stands ready
DDA will call
hope you are ready

while Pudu Jail's a goner
Kamunting awaits
history may not matter
but Simpang Renggam sits

PPPA smothers
seditious they accuse us
what is the matter
when speaking out the truth

what is wrong with Malaysia?
what is the matter with us?

Mkini: Where we began (Written for Malaysiakini's 10th anniversary in 2009)

Among the strong-armed, white-wash laced
valueless rags, waste of airtime space
a cry arose, amongst distressed populace
for a mirror, to reflect it's true gritty face

disillusioned editors, journalists, activists
banded to reform, deceitful draconian distastes
a bastion online, world wide web cyber space
a frontier, uncensored uncontrolled undisgraced

a window to truth, curtained by justice
where ethics rule, common sense entail
reflecting flaws, repressive dictates
breaking silence, lifting blinker-veils

A full decade, threads of time has spun
news and view, that need and must be told
the foundation, tis' where we all began
a hope and dream, where walks freedom bold.

Happy Birthday Janet

Tis' but a joyous moment
the celebrations of thy birth
a present heavenly sent
postmarked and blessed to earth.

May God grant ye a thousand
more such happy days to come
along with such happiness
the days betwixt entwined.

A Farewell to Fiona

"We glide along like flotsam
adrift upon dreary currents
leaves on windy spirals
intersecting at breezy moments.

Beyond the tepid streams
the wide blue seas are warm
the happy minutes gleaned
are prelude to life-long bonds."
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