An Ode To Ellyne

Beholding you; A sun
with shine in your pocket
courage, your handmaiden
the battles that you have fought.

Understanding you; A puzzle
I try and tried to fathom
intricate, tiny pieces
making up the Ellyne kingdom

Lo! you stand; A queen
the blush brushed moon of night
whose rosy cheeks alight
with your tender-wonderful heart.

To friend and kin; A beacon
through bright dawns, sleepy twilight
the stalwart Lady who beckons
to the best of what's inside.

The printed words; A layer
to the petals, Ellynita
a lady that deems and holds
the pics de lumière éternelle

These words; A tribute
from seasons lies hidden still
an unworthy homage
to the Lady of rose and steel.

@baronhawk concoction 2009.
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