The Throne of Stone

I sat watching
upon my stony bench
as she skims the water
skipping the lake's confines
carefully balancing
from one shore to the next
gingerly touching
and then gracefully sat
upon the throne of stone
a solemn and angry monarch.

Text Porn

Rolling rhythm thump of thumbs
Sweaty words soft-screen canvas
fingers caressing familiar palms
ejaculating tips and taps

tracing tales impassioned moments
skin to skin curve to curve
steamy sentences caressing diction
a vocabulary of grunts and sighs

breath to breath mouth to mouth
evoking both soft and hard
delicious rods pliant mounds
pearly gates Venusian Deltas

upon a single shared moment
that foretold coming of ecstasy
one paints upon the keyboard
the other's mind interprets to see.


Perhaps it does not matter,
perhaps it really does.
Sometimes things do happen,
without it being asked.
While I am not seeking,
that which is not mine to have.
I do need to to come clean,
and to your inner eyes express.
This constant tugging feel,
a gentle resonance that seeks.
To bind your heart to mine,
and claim your passion's deed.
To your boyfriend's loaded shotgun,
an apology I humbly seek.
But to you this tender tale,
my heart weeps to relate.
Perhaps there's something to it,
or just a dream that wakes.
Shall I have your hand to hold,
as we both gracefully age.
Or just this happy memory,
that my happy memoirs shall keep.
But I bet you are aware,
despite your dense play-acting.
The signals that I send,
are not that hard to be missing.

The Encounter

It was a dream of charcoal tresses,
flowing freely upon the breeze,
of lightly pale and green sun dresses,
the promise of flesh that runs so deep.

Lustrous skin as smooth as silk,
smiles that shines strawberry red,
a voice that speaks to hearts that skip,
laughter that breaks into cold cold sweat.

Seated across the Foundry table,
thoughts distracted mind a-spinning,
eyes re-focusing staying level
coyly sneaking shy-like glancing.


"I am done, I have had enough
of coy little games, and riddles that talk
it shall work, or it shall not
so be it, its all I 've got."


Head buried pillows squashed
curled in goose down 'Toto' covers
tornadoes roam unsettled stomach
sinking feel temperature-less heart

within the vacuumed eye of storm
tick-tock beats and cringed up fear
hopeful dreamt-up schoolboy smiles
coyly glancing shy yet sly

spin rhythm dizzy go round
light headed no echoes no sound
fingers slick sweat off keypad
old "Nokia" grins nervous, anticipating

heart laid out digital slices
broadcasted words tapped out emotions
Maxis SMS gmail confessions
neck chopping block and love's guillotine

"yes" "no" "you're just a friend"
"I love you too" "come take my hand"
"I care for you" "but not like that"
"I have been waiting" "for just those words"

words! words! words! come kill me now
tear off my head or break my heart
or save me hold me through all this toil
your porcelain hands my rough hewed paws

I cannot bear this tell tale heart
these fretful days awake at night
come rescue me or let me fall
don't leave me waiting for your call.

The Welcoming

"Hail to thee my fellow traveler,
may your journeys lead always to your home as ever.
I bid thee welcome to this here my website,
my personal space within the web.
Here shall my online domain be,
the cradle of my thoughts, opinions and memory.
A plot that I shall garden and tender well,
instill it with my wit, character and poetic wiles.
Adieu my friends, good journeys hereafter,
may the winds of fate be always in your favour."

Dua Sejoli

"Lenggok irama,
berpaut lagu,
tari dan pencak,
liuk dan liku,
resmi merpati,
rumah dan tangga,
dua sejoli,
hati dan jiwa."

Patung Kaku

Terpasung kaku
berdiri kelu
terpasak sayu
dibumi moyangku

Telinga merah
bahang membara
tersirap darah
dendam bergema

keramat bangsa
darah budaya
luhur agama
tutur bahasa

didolak dalih
diheret sepi
dicantas sisih
dicampak tepi

meluru lonjak
diundang getir
hati berolak
berderu desir

dicapai tombak
pena dan tinta
diatur pencak
syair seloka

amukan rasa
aturan bicara
hati dan minda
Melayu Muda!


"Gah negara
dek mercutanda,
Gahnya bangsa
sastera budaya."


Bercanda di ibu kota
suka... leka...
remang remang kota raya

kelambu putih jerebu jelaga
luka rimba yang dijarah diteroka

hembusan asap debu jalanraya
tangisan alam bumi menderita

runtuh batu banjir bencana
goresan pembangunan tanpa rencana

Kabur... kabur... kabur...

Berlegar-legar di pasar budaya
tidur... lena...
liuk tari pentas media

kebenaran diperguna
dibelenggu dusta
diolah diperca

Dicarik-carik tangan cela
rakus harta
rakus kuasa

arahan, polisi, agenda
mengasah tumpul tinta berita
mencakup sayup lensa warta
menerjah sepi cetusan karya

Kabur... kabur... kabur...

Kebenaran takkan lena
jangan lena...
bak mentari senjakala
biar luput seketika
kembali terang bercahaya

Kebenaran takkan leka
jangan leka...
ibarat sekam nan membara
tercetus marak lantang menyala
sinar obor hati dan minda

Bangun... bangun... bangunlah

Angel Song

"The lovely Karen Kong
singing a beautiful beautiful song
my heart melts away
tender rivulets
encasing me in dreams."

Labour Day Morning

Woke up early shower dress realize its Labour day
slap water cold struck face no more employed
Yesterday last final paycheck backward memory glance
farewell breakfast boss co-worker work station fun
mental picture memory echo keyboard click-clack PC hum
smoke break banter lunch time laughter pretty "amoi" hunt
top up candy mineral water its visit Watson time
pretty ladies MAS Stewardess easy falls right into... line
ele--vator creaky wobbly eleven floor high strung
Mark whining Meriza smiling Azrul's feared IM
third floor "Pekedil" ground floor "Mamak" month end ATM
monday meeting "Eden Cafe" breakfast "La Bo--dega"
support ticket pre-sales question dot "t" cross "i"
slap water cold struck face no more employed.
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