A vast wilderness before me
the culmination of days and years
the minuscule of moments
from the pregnant livery of time

I trod once more
moment by moment
upon this path well traveled
to my very own Vale of Lights

trolling the creek of the now
for vision of tomorrow's dreams
fighting with ghosts of the past
searching for a purpose in life

struggling with a heavy heart
that has learned so long ago
the puerile ease of giving up
than to fight the good old fight

held back by a bitter soul
alone and without delight
marooned within echoes
the hurts of time long past

burdened by scars
old wounds still fresh
the marks and tallies
of a million fallen dreams

consumed by memories
the laments of hopes long dead
the song of forgotten cries
and the dance of a broken heart.


Beyond the the darkness
across the fields of light
in silent moments
throughout these days and nights

I shed unseen tears
and whispered stifled cries
a parade of hidden fears
and consummated lies

all for the license
a stolen glance and a sigh
the only comeuppance
of a forbidden lullaby.
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