Pitter Patter

I walk the pitter patter of life, perusing the paths both sweet and bitter.
Searching for that jive, that clicks with my chit and chatter.
A purpose, a dream, a thought most dapper.
A brilliant excuse, a reason to factor.
For life is a journey, that deems to bother.
Doubts most hearty, and hopes that shatter.
Eclipsed by the many, the one lies unknown.
Amidst the dark truly, the bright disdains the norm.
What speaks the truth only, can never be seen nor known.
For the heart lies oft heavy, unperceived and outshone.
What fed my joys daily, is the promise of the dream.
This constantly sweet litany, of might and could have beens.
For even if the nights, did cower the end of days.
The dawn will then relight, and recover the hopes that stays.

An Angel

There are those who call thee beauty
but only at a glance.

Others who call thee funny
look only for thy laugh.

Some would call thee classy
but only for thy charm.

But I...would call thee angel
for all that I know thou am.

Thy courage amidst the fires
thy strength against the storms.

Thy kind and gentle wisdom
thy heart, lovely and full.

For to me thou art the Lady
who has helped me through my storm.

A friend whose hand did lift me
and succored me through my gloom.

Thy beauty is quite amazing
of that I would agree.

But for me its just the icing
of the cake thats sweeter still.

For I have seen thee as the captain
sailing through thy life.

Fighting off the pirates
braving the seas at night.

Shining like a beacon
unflinching in thy ways.

A strength I find amazing
amidst the furor of thy days.

Thy beauty is in thy smile
but also in thy deeds.

For thou art more beautiful still
for all the beautiful things thou did.

Thy charm is in thy wiles
but truly in thy head.

For while thy personality shines
thine intelligence doth precedes.

Thy wings art thine compassion
thy concern for all and kind.

Thy halo art thine passion
for all that thou seek to find.

To me thou art an angel
that has deigned to call me friend.

To me thou art the Lady
to whom I will forever be inclined.
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