A Seed I Am

A seed I am,
A notion perhaps,
Or am I something more.

The wellspring of a thought,
The consignings of belief,
Or the conclave of ideals.

Born to construe,
Planted to grow,
Or left to endeavour.

The constrainings of chance,
The parodies of fate,
Or the fulfillment of destinies.

Instilled by life,
Conditioned by knowledge,
Or evolved intrinsically.

A planted tree,
A weed some doubt,
Or overgrown shrubbery.

Watered by experience,
Enriched by dreams,
Or cajoled in a nursery.

A seed I am,
A seed indeed,
The portends of the times,
The maturing of this age.


Boundless vistas,
the unmeasured stretch of the heavens.
Leagues of oceans,
unexplored isles and depths unknown.
Unbounded dreams,
that roam beyond untold unfound unclear.
Enshrined encased in esoteria,
the coolness of feel, the sadness of tears.

This Is A Dream I have

If forever was to be,
If tomorrow never comes,
I would sought you for me,
To embrace what love becomes.

Forever is for naught,
Tomorrow is ever here,
In vain is all I sought,
A dream it is, I fear.

If only I was more,
If only you were mine,
No matter what remorse,
For your love I would forfend.

But I am only me,
And you are ever more,
What hopes may ever be,
Are but dew drops in the snow.

If tales are ever true,
If acts changes no course,
What fate would have construed,
What paths might we have crossed.

Alas tales just passes on,
All things are bound in turn,
Never ever will dreams be borne,
Only in the bosom of slumber's return.

If only for a while,
If ever fate is kind,
My heart does ever cry,
For that bliss I will never find.

This is a dream I have,
It is a hope that never wakes,
This is a tale I craft,
A vision I can never partake.

That Moment

A second before now,
A minute after then,
How can you ever know,
That magic moment when.

All things fall into place,
When she walks into view,
My world spins in a daze,
My heart beats all askew.

Is it that lovely face,
Or that sweet sweet smell of her,
That lovely voice that says,
"Hello" as if a purr.

Before I never knew,
But now I always dream,
No one can be as you,
As perfect as I deem.

Is love truly as blind,
For indeed I have seen more,
But all that my heart now finds,
Is your face that I adore.

How can I define,
This love that sparks in turn,
Is this that tale through time,
The love that ever burns.

What fate has bound to me,
That moment when fate has willed,
A dream of what could be,
A hope that finds me still.

Whenever it came by,
Whatever is the cause,
It's too late to wonder why,
Once happened I am lost.

A Journey To Oz

A journey once did they undertake
to the great Tower of Oz for what they did seek
to the great wizard as supplicant they would beseech
his aid in their quests for their dreams and destiny's wake

led by Nina a lady in icy white
the Ice Queen she was whose gaze could freeze a soul
off to search for the redemption that she knows
resides in these her charges within their separate plights

there was Sulin the doused firefly
who lost her spark her spontaneous gaiety
marroned forever in the dark and gloomy
less she finds again her light that's gone awry

dear Ling that crumpled butterfly
weighed down by cares she wallowed in the depths
burdened by concerns and by threats to her health
she lost her lustre her spirit's will have gone by

there was Lan the man of tin
made of metal a heart he has not
struggling to contain emotions and rust spots
he may very well be consigned to give in

there's Ghaus the old man winter
a man at the peak at the top of his life
with accomplishments aplenty to mark his past
what more in this world can reshine his veneer

joined by John that sullen rock of loss
weighed down in life he was awaiting to sink
there is no more in life that he so thinks
would give him cause to smile, cheer or applause

and also Chu that unhappy swallow
who among ducks shrouded her life an ugly hue
what is more for her to attend and to do
not to be in the crowd but to shine and glow

the beautiful Azleena the sad princess
whose life had chosen a sad fairy tale
so many unpleasantness her story would regale
leaving anyone with a sob and a tear no less

then at last there was Janice that hidden flower
a beauty asleep awaiting to bloom
shy and quiet but with potentials to groom
a lady of quality who sleeps in the mediocre

nine they were these walkers to Oz
a fellowship of friends marching to their dreams
a journey beyond hope beyond even a dare it seems
to seek for the sun in the lands of deathless frost.


I wish upon a wish,
I dream upon a dream,
Alas hope is all adrift,
Fate floats upon the winds.

My gaze upon the weave,
My steps upon the line,
But the future oft deceives,
Tomorrows doth decline.

I fly up to the clouds,
I rise up to the sun,
Never knowing all throughout,
The fall will be my end.

I plunge into the sea,
I dive into dismay,
Its plain as it can be,
Despair's the only way.

I set my self adrift,
I left my soul asleep,
No ambitions to conceive,
No troubles to defeat.

I live upon a life,
I sit upon a sigh,
No future to realize,
Surviving by and by.


I have slipped
slip! slip! slip!
on the deluge,

I have tripped
trip! trip! trip!
on subterfuge,

I am falling
fall! fall! fall!
into the pit,

I am running
run! run! run!
from the heat,

I am demanding
mine! mine! mine!
my just dues,

I am receiving
none! none! none!
but life's refuse,

I have gone
gone! gone! gone!
beyond all hope,

I have found
found! found! found!
my farewell stroke,

I am falling
down! down! down!
into the deeps,

I am sinking
sink! sink! sink!
to that blissful sleep.

In The Footsteps of Herodotus

A gaze
beyond sight
beyond vision
across the tumults of time.

A plunge
into past
into origins
lost to the centuries.

of a man
a visionary
the progeny of histories.

The tales
of his times
his ancestors
and contemporaries.

His travails
across states
across nations
into foreign cities.

His paths
crosses deserts
mighty rivers
untold boundaries.

His quest
to seek answers
unveil legends
understanding diversities.

His wisdom
in valuable lessons
handed down
for posterity.

A tale
of Herodotus
the cronicler
of times and histories.

What You Do To Me

When I lie awake, awake at night
trying hard to sleep, that simple delight
what did I see, but your sweet sweet sight.

When I finally drift away, away to space
into sweet sleep's, gentle embrace
what did I find, but your beautiful beautiful face.

When I wake up, wake up each day
what did I think, would I thought of today
nothing but you, your lovely lovely sway.

This is what you do, you do to me
all that I am, all I will ever be
I lay to you, my angel angel thee.
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