I hate thee!

I hate thee! I have thee!
With the fires of a thousand Sorrento suns,
the heat of Vesuvius' ash and the burning Capri sands.

Blue moon wine

and so the blue moon dripped,
in cups of barley lime, the musty tangy tryst,
exquisite liquid fluid, fucking soft tongue.

My route lies into darkness...

"My route lies into darkness
edged by horizon's yaw
stilled time bore witness
teeth of oblivion's jaw."

Madah buat Hazwan & Zainor ( Bulan Madu Di Awan Biru)

Diiring pagi
bagai merpati
dua sejoli
kini bersemi.

Moga bahgia
ke hujung dunia
dara teruna
ikrar bersama.

Ku pinta doa
pada yang Esa
aman selama
kekal sentiasa.

Bermadu kasih
sesuci selasih
pinang di pipih
di susun sirih.

Just as you are

As the shine and warmth
yellow smile of sun
you light the dark and gloom
make my day all fine.

As the playful roam
the naughty winds up high
you make a breeze of life
gave me cause to smile.

As the moon at night
the soft spoken heart
you soothe the beast inside
make me laugh aloud.

As the stars all bright
the guiding light of soul
you fill the empty parts
make me once more whole.

Into the deep (Provehito in Altum)

In the deep I find solace
in the dark safely encased
the spark excised hope-dead
reality the only thread

the depths my saving grace
the surface futility sealed
a dreamer forever clipped
broken wings submerged by fate.

The blade well used

Tis the pommel and the blade
Well-used, oft-wielded
carbon edge, honed
leather grip, toned

sharp of sheen, razor shone
lacerating skin, tearing bone
but the pain it works, last the most
on rejected hearts, forthwith remorse

cold stark steel, dulled-grey hearts
born to feel, eclipsed inside
forlorn worn shorn, teared-up torn
sheathed slashed stabbed, love-lorn.

The rose

Distance divide us
regulations forbade
this instance of happiness
I cannot evade.

Our eyes keep brushing
quick smiles exchanged
my heart keep singing
your gaze my refrain.

Your voice my compass
your presence His boon
this rose I covet
you and I, to bloom.
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