Mind's Estate

They came from around the world
to this quaint and little place
a Waverly painted mansion
bodyguard-ed by snow and ice

It sits, beyond the ridge
a sedentary monolithic ghost
for souls whose only desire
is to wallow within themselves

most of them are writers
poetic souls in distress
whose trait and shining hallmark
is a block to their ink-ish repast

in New York it lies
off the lee to Cornell's place
where isolation and snow
would draw you in quite deep.

What I wish I could now say...

Thou art fresh air, amidst stale doldrums, cheery blue breaking dour clouds, the wet playful raindrops, kissing dry parched broken ground.

Nasihat Jebat

Setengah abad berlalu sudah
hidup akur lembayung pasrah
membujur lalu melintang patah
patuh tunduk ditunggang tujah

mata litup telinga sekat
dek lakun wayang pidato debat
gah penguasa naik kesumat
penaung tindas rakyat lumat

raja adil raja disembah
raja tamak wajib disanggah
kuasa dan hormat satu amanah
daulat rakyat tuntutan fitrah

pendidik dikelu lidah dikerat
pelajar dikongkong minda diikat
penjaga negara main keparat
pengawal undang-undang jadi alat

bangun berdiri kudrat amarah
nasib si rakyat hak dijajah
suara undi tinta bangkitlah
buka pencak atur langkah

negeri tercinta bumi amanat
dicemar arang diconteng karat
sedar celik nasihat Jebat
ambil jernih buang yang laknat.

Shayne Ward - No Promises

I was browsing through my favourite songs when I came across this. I remembered a friend who told me of the real formula to finding real relationships. Don't expect anything. As she said, it, if things were to fall into place, they shall.

No promises... apt ain't it?

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do.

Love indeed is thy Season

The world is a fragile chain
made of links and links and links
love is the glue that holds
and keeps us all in sync.

Tis' but for ceaseless labours
of ye and ye and all
that keeps us all afloat
a-balancing life's free fall.

People come and goes
off to near and very far
but some like ye O' love
guideth us like twinkling star.

A Pilgrim's Prayer

Whatever He giveth, tis' within His wisdom,
whatever he Taketh, tis' not without reason.
We implore Him, our Lord, to receive our Intentions,
pray that He accepts,and blesses us with Redemption.

What a Friend is Worth

T'was a difficult question
to ask what a friend is worth
but tis' not a Maggi's packet
nor the Angiospermae of this earth

It lies somewhere in between
what was, is and perhaps
when "nothing and everything"
did once almost collide

"chance" some might say
but from your very mouth "it's fate"
when a soul became the signpost
to guide another to his faith

how do you describe joys
to those encased in sadness
how do paint the colours
to those whose sight are covered

how do you breathe the freshness
of air to lungs who covet
how do you catch hold of sunshine
and put them in your pocket

tis' difficult to describe
what holds and have you complete
but perhaps to say that its loss
will see you empty, void and irreplete.

Kata-kata buat Syazana

Pabila hidup merundung malam
redup mendung gelap mencengkam
mentari tidur langit menghilang
pasrah gundah tiada sempadan

bangkit bangun buka tatapan
Di dalam kelam kan muncul harapan
umpama bulan yang Esa kan datang
bagai bintang harapan kan pulang

moga bertaut langit dan bumi
moga tersemai bahagia dan janji
erat tersusun sepuluh jari
moga hidupmu diberkati Ilahi.

A collection of yours truly's Facebook status

"Almost perfect, awkward pieces, wonder encapsulates. Cherry smiles, jalapeno chides, crystal laughter, sugar'd lips. Dagger'd stares, narcotic gaze, teasing eye-rolls, irises deep. Briskly walk, fragile fingers, deliciously caustic acid wit." ~ Love riddled philosopher on the source of his intoxicating infatuation whilst being sequestered in a cave in the remote mountains to thaw out dangerous emotive toxins.

...wonders if he should just stop procrastinating and just go grab a gun. It's open season... ain't it?

...wishes all and sundry, all the best in all of things, for this next chapter in our days' counting. May fate be kind, your wealth bountiful, may luck fill your days and His blessings your countenance.

"We are on the hunt! Brothers we. Those who seeketh out truth's hidden lee. Finding it's hidden face is our sworn duty, but the chase, dear brother, is our destiny!"

"That which I fear the most, is not that I am wrong. What makes me cringe the grandest, is that possibility that I now woo. Now that's to fear, to ask of one and hear that much sought for, but rightfully feared "Yes!". With a smiling exclamation, mind you. God! I need to run! Now... while I still can, and THAT question, still remain unasked". once more inexorably drawn into a deep dark sojourn into that most elusive state, that sweet bitterness and that terrible awesomeness that weigh you down to the pits of your stomach and yet uplift you to roof all expectations. Sad... really. trying to learn how to drink from an empty cup

"Doubts sprinkled liberally sowed the seeds of many self-inflicted disasters." a sworn brother of the Order of the Tranquil, a passionless breed of silently expressionless men. jealous of the guy who can walk through walls... and steal that which others, yours truly included, sorely covets.

"Frustratingly you can never tell when it all began, mostly you only realize it when you are knee deep in it. Bahh.. HAMBUG! HAMBUG! I am made of sterner stuff! No lilting voice nor dreamy eyes can frame my fearful symmetry! (paraphrasing Blake)." ~ Baron de Hawke in between to shores, riding the tumultous seas dividing them. He has to choose one, which side he is to land on, for time has come for him to forge ahead.

"Twitter me this, twitter me that. For a Facebook nudge and love's sweet RSS."
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