Chapters, Paragraphs and Numbered Lines

I live my life by chapters
paragraphs and numbered lines
reading have always been
a cherished and favourite pastime of mine
among those whose works I've read
Shakespeare's tomes doth really outshine

my favourite character was Hamlet
for he was my one and only friend
He was probably the only person
who had soliloquies as long as mine
for my mind is never resting
always roving, thinking all the time

Caesar was to me a brethren
for we are both betrayed in the end
trust is always a commodity
that is almost impossible to find
so never invest in virtues
for your demise will be close at hand

The Merchant of Venice does verily reveal
how unfairness in the world is clearly defined
there might not always be a happy ending
so always be wary of that helpful lend
for no one ever does anything
lest there's something to tip their hand

Macbeth is a kindred many times removed
a reminder of ambition, it's rent and dues
we all have trod on others
to reach our vaunted stand
beware the wrath of vengence
for it will come to claim us hence

Richard the Third was a villian
but a friend to me nonetheless
an honest and true depiction
of life's unequal thrusts
you just have to play the hand
that's dealt by life's bequest

Henry the Fifth was one
of the most beloved of kings
the one who won his war
to France and Britain unity did bring
"once more into the breach" a glorified call to arms
"we few, we happy few" of those by glory wreathed

Much Ado About Nothing
a familiar take on things
the world is often focused
on things that meant naught at all
perchance our worldly cares are as light as the story tells
alas our tales are darker with consequences deadlier still

King Lear's was an awful tale
of life's bitter realities
greatness doesn't always mean
a happy and pleasant eternity
sometimes we will live to see
our life's work falling to entropy

I live my life by chapters
paragraphs and numbered lines
reading is still a passion
that to me is totally sublime
among those whose works I've read
Shakespeare's tomes doth really cling to mind.


I have always had this little friction
with the science and art of self expression

All that I thought, felt or envision
are buried inside without exception

Long have I fought this little affliction
yet never did I find nor cure nor prevention

Wrapped in a shroud of absolute retention
no voice will be heard of my inner emotion

My only chance, my sanity's correlation
is to put to paper my thoughts and oration

For the only outlet in my mental privation
is that which I can write through my pen's gyration.

I Used To Be

I was once a man of dreams
of lofty goals and high ambitions
the world to me then used to seem
as full of noble and good intentions

I used to gaze into the night
to see the stars that filled the sky
they once gave hope that filled the heart
with visions of pure and utter joy

The future then were verdant fields
vistas of dreams that defied description
a vibrant canvas, brightly filled
colored and shaped to my heart's contention

The past was a gallery brightly-lit
with beacons of remembrance to guide me home
a wall of memories both bitter and sweet
an alcove to shelter from the coming storms

But I am no longer a man who dreams
no more goals nor thoughts of ambition
the world to me now does surely seem
to be full of petty and jealous contentions

I still gaze into the night
to see the stars that have all died
they are nothing but points of light
whose bright-lit hopes are but a ploy

The future now are barren fields
nightmarish graffitis of all descriptions
a smudged canvas, tattered and filled
with broken dreams and shattered ambitions

The past is a gallery brightly-lit
with beacons of hurt to torch the soul
a wall of memories more bitter than sweet
an altar that magnifies the pain of it all.

A Bird In Flight

A bird in flight,
O! what a wonderful sight,
So free so bold,
So beautiful to behold.

Flying high up in the sky,
Feeling carefree, happy and spry,
Flapping its wings so cheerfully,
Dancing around so gleefully.

Among the clouds O! so very high,
Among the deep deep blue sky,
A bird is always an inspirational sight,
A wonderful thing is a bird in flight.

Fly fly fly O! so gently,
Rising up to infinity,
Glide away into the future,
To better times for ever after.


I have thought I'd be better off
to discard the baggage of my emotions
being a man of cumbersome thoughts
ladened with fantastical and silly notions

Seeing the world through heavy lenses
of prejudice, pride and bulky preassumptions
oh how I thought I'd be better off
to shed my many weary burdens

Often I see these burdens as weights
that slows me down and weigh my steps
they make me wary and weary my feet
causing those stumbles and troublesome slips

Thus this awesome feat I gingerly start
to unburden a soul and a vision to enlight
discarded was the shell that covered my heart
and removed were the lenses from my sheltered sight

Alas how bizarre it all could be
that it was such an irony for all to see
such bulky burdens and weighty lenses
were indeed a boon instead of cursed legacy

Now that I have them not, I see why they I have got
sharp ended emotions do people cruelly wield
truth brightly blinding the eye is truly fraught
my burdens were my armor and my lenses were my shield

Oh how now I long for what I have lost
those burdens that held me up, the lenses that helped me see
if only I have known how this would play out
if only I could have trusted more in me.
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