By The Silent Window

I sit alone, by the silent window.
watching the dance, of falling rain.
The raindrops echo, my tears of sorrow.
That accompanies, my waltz of pain.

A freezing breeze, of absent harmony.
Sings the loneliness, of a tango by one.
It's empty chorus, a hollow melody.
The imperfections, of steps out of rhyme.

The staccato beats, of tempo has died.
it's flame and rhythm, it's warmth is gone.
The heart's metronome, is stilled by ice.
It's love forgotten, as once-popular songs.

All that's left, an abandoned dance floor.
Grey with dust, with notes of broken dreams.
Of hope bereft, it's dances done for.
Into the dusk, with echoes of might have beens.
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