"I am the remnant of what I was,
the remains of who I am,
if only for but a while I appreciated all that was,
for all I am now are memories of yesteryear"

Fading Seasons

Where is the promise of spring,
in the fall of years,
Where is the hopes of summer,
in the grey of winters.

Are we not like falling rain,
to fall in much rancour,
only to seep to the ground,
and then be lost forever.

Are we not like dew drops,
such cold caress of elegence,
only to dry away,
by the sun's magnificence.

Are we not like snowy flakes,
such beauteous designs,
only to fall away,
undistinguished in snowy banks.

Are we not like fading seasons,
to wake to every promise,
but to lose all hope and reason,
at the fade of every chorus.

The Song of Martyrs

O! sons and daughters
I am doomed to never know
O! childs of fathers
lost like fallen snow
O! childs of mothers
whose tears would ever flow

we sing you this song
perched on battle's brows
we sing you this song
on eve of nevermore

Farewell! Fare thee well!

to sons and daughters
that we will never know
to sisters and mothers
farewell we bid you now
to wives and lovers
a kiss of love we blow

Farewell! Fare thee well!

We sing our final song
perched on battle's brow
the eve of nevermore.

Wipe your away tears
still your gentle cries
we sing you this song
with hearts full of joy

So long my little dears
we'll look upon you soon
from the clouds high above
as we float on angels song.
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