To Steal A Kiss

When I loved you
you were the first
soo many things to say
yet not knowing the words

I looked for a way
wished for the sentence
all for me to say
what my heart really yearns

alas my vision dimmed
my thoughts are furled
my very being trapped
within a silence unstirred

all I see is your hair
that the wind so carelessly blew
I wish it were my fingers
in your tresses dancing through

all I see are your eyes
doing that thing that they do
as they dance that special tango
shining with that special light of you

all I see is your smile
from those lovey lovely lips
for which I would die
to feel the brush of each

all I hear is your voice
which holds me to your sway
oh! such tender melodies
that once only seraphin played

so I stopped at hello
and said my goodbyes
for the lovely lady that was you
always left me tounge-tied

but I wish it were now
and you are here reading this
for my heart still do yearn
to steal from you a kiss.
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