The Here And Now

Across the bridge of tomorrow,
beyond the arch of today.
I can see only sorrow,
an endless vista of hope's decay.

In the mirrors of the past,
within reflections of yesterday.
Painful memories that last,
till the very ending of days.

Haunting echoes throughout the night,
distant cries that fills the day,
My present is my dawn and lonely twilight,
the past and future holding no sway.

The rising sun heralds the day,
as its setting is the night's pretext.
The only task that I defray,
is surviving on until the next.

The lack of yesterdays and tomorrow's absentia,
a farewell to fate and hope's refrain.
When and where constraints my dementia,
the here and now my only domain.

Caterpillars, Flower Buds and Springtime

Often in life,
I face circumstance,
some are impossible,
and others tiresome,
it's mostly hopelessness,
that I would pronounce.

then tales of caterpillars,
springs to mind,
vistas of flower buds,
in my thoughts enshrine,
the lowering of temperatures,
in sun-lit springtime.

what happens,
if caterpillars did not cocoon?
what's the outcome,
if flower buds never bloom?
what must we endure,
if springtime did not care to loom?

there would'nt be,
butterflies abound,
nor will there be,
flowers to frolic around,
without spring,
summer will surely not come.

with that in mind,
I would often see,
what I now and then,
does somewhat agree,
that we must play out,
what fate has cast us to be.


Enroute to reason
I was ensnared
by that lovely vision
of beauty unmarred

Losing all sense
of all direction
I roam the expense
of my infatuation

Love was kindled
passion aflamed
my heart was ladened
with amorous acclaim

Your lovely mirage
your angelic countenance
holds hostage my heart
my absolute existance

Never before
in my life's experience
have I felt evermore
this whirlwind of emotions

Entangled am I
in this wishful web
with no inkling why
nor any hope in my stead.


Emptiness as a concept
is an absence of content
a container emptied out
without recompense.

Hollowness is a heart
with no hope inside
a tirade of regrets
and bitter diatribes.

Bitterness is a man
for whom there's no turning back
caught up in events
he cannot seem to counteract.

Helpless is a soul
without direction
out of touch with the world
losing all his convictions.

Sadness is a tear
shed for many seasons
cries of fear
uttered in total silence.

Numbness is described
as a lack of sensation
a person that's deprived
of feelings and emotions.

Hopeless is a tale
of a man's misadventures
doomed to fail
in all his endeavours.

I Don't... Anymore

I don't listen to songs anymore
lest I remember what they were
no more melodies nor tunes nor lyrics
lest they bring back tales of yesterday's antics

I don't walk by the beach anymore
lest my feet be washed by the waves
no more prints in the sand will I leave
lest troublesome knots in life will I weave

I don't dare to dream anymore
lest I lose sight of reality's shore
no more thoughts nor hope nor ambition
lest I be lost in uncharted seas

I don't care to dance anymore
lest my feet steps on any toes
no more twists nor twirls nor pirouettes
lest I slip and fall on my face really flat.


I am a traveler far and wide,
My travails have crossed the great divide,
And yet my journeys do not seem to bide,
For never did I find a place to reside.

A thousand vales have seen my stride,
Millions of miles do my footsteps hide,
And yet am I still on this unending ride,
Driven to wander by my incessant pride.

I have seen paradise from all its sides,
Swam through hell's infernal tide,
And yet no inkling these episodes provide,
On thoughts or wisdom for my travel's guide.

I looked for knowledge I really tried,
Learned all I can till my brains were fried,
And yet am I lost and still mystified,
Roaming here and there as I silently cried.

This is the story that reality connived,
A library of fables timelessly contrived,
And yet no ending have my tales compiled,
Just endless commutes with no stops implied.
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