A lady tall and fair
pale of skin but with fiery fiery hair
a maiden of the Rohirrim
a daughter sired of kings
a lady high-bred, noble-born
but weaned on battle cries and warrior's songs

wielding sword as well as knitting stave
caged by form as well as duty's sake
a spirit that longs for battlefields
and a heart looking for love's gentle release
a prisoner caged in golden halls
by gilded chains of fate enthralled

a delicate beautiful lass
of fine silk and fragile glass
but a spirit of hardened steel
tempered with courage and strength of will
upon dreams her hopes are set
to redeem the tally of a life in regret

for the unrequited love of an exiled king
and the glories that battle does sing
rode Eowyn in disguised plaid
with the riders of Rohan to Gondor's aid
for death for valour and into glory
a spurned heart looks not for any victory.

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