That Moment

A second before now,
A minute after then,
How can you ever know,
That magic moment when.

All things fall into place,
When she walks into view,
My world spins in a daze,
My heart beats all askew.

Is it that lovely face,
Or that sweet sweet smell of her,
That lovely voice that says,
"Hello" as if a purr.

Before I never knew,
But now I always dream,
No one can be as you,
As perfect as I deem.

Is love truly as blind,
For indeed I have seen more,
But all that my heart now finds,
Is your face that I adore.

How can I define,
This love that sparks in turn,
Is this that tale through time,
The love that ever burns.

What fate has bound to me,
That moment when fate has willed,
A dream of what could be,
A hope that finds me still.

Whenever it came by,
Whatever is the cause,
It's too late to wonder why,
Once happened I am lost.

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