What Can You Do...

What can you do,
when you are all alone...

In a dark empty room,
with no one to talk to.
In the coldness of gloom,
with no one to hold you.
In a place all your own,
with no one to love you.

What can you do,
when the hope has all gone...

There's nothing to do,
nor a thing to achieve.
There's nowhere to go to,
nor a place to perceive.
There's nothing to hold to,
nor a thing to believe.

What can you do,
when your heart is as stone...

You feel not the pain,
but the sweetness too hides.
You ignore the rain,
but the tears fall inside.
You heed not love's claim,
but the hurt won't subside.

What can you do,
when the dreams don't return...

You sleep not at night,
as the nightmares define.
You wander without sight,
as the dreamless are blind.
You sit by the roadside,
as you are left behind.

What can you do,
When you are all alone,
When the hope has all gone,
When your heart is as stone,
When the dreams don't return,

What can you do,
but to tarry along.
Where else to turn to,
but into your own.
Where can you go,
but into the gloom.
What more to do,
but to drift all alone.

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