As I sat alone
through the motions of days
my gaze oftime wandered
inside, deep within me
and for a brief, lonely moment
I sometime would catch a glimpse
a faded image from a dream.

Upon remnant splinters
broken mirrors of self cognition
I thought I saw what I was
what I used to be
am I still?

A slightly handsome lad
whose confidence filled his words
overweight he might
but dreams does let him fly.

Upon stars his hopes were pinned
charging boldly the unconquerable nights
the sun emblazoned upon his heart
as he struggles to encompass the days
before the coming of twillight.

A poet at heart
a soul of longing and love
sensitive to the touch
to the feel and taste of life.

Armoured in perfect reason
and armed with fearful logic
he would ever stood his ground
upon whatever topic.

What ambitions he had
to grasp this world as his
no distance would dare
nor contentions to his prowess.

As a Colossus he stood
once among his peers
a stern and mighty figure
who led the vanguard crests.

He lived ever for the challenge
to bravely dare the world
for the worst and craven he seeks
to turn the tides and in turn defeats.

Where goes the confidence?
Where goes the dreams?
Where goes the hopes?
Where hides this lad?

For indeed I see him not
but for glimpses that may
those lonely nostalgic moments
when memories are out at play.

I sometimes wish for him
to remember if mine's the name
the pride of all that was
and the remnants of what may
the remains of what I was
used to be
was I ever?
am I still?

Alas he slips about
to appear once and only slight
but to disappear into the dark
and hence to vanish into the night.

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