Standing Still

I have stood here
well before
stayed a while
remaining all along
I remember how
I came to be
when I arrived
and still remain
I am here
ever since
still here
standing still.

looking around
things evolve
people change
nothing remains
no one does
nothing will
times change
fate's refrain
but I am here
in this place
upon the same
standing still.

with every step
of every feet
I will return
to the same
to this place
to this game
no matter how
which way or when
in the end
I am here again
standing still.

Everything I do
everyone I meet
every dream I have
every hope I tried
every bit of me
all of it will be
soon and always
come again
to this very place
to this now and then
everything will end
with me right here
standing still.

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