On This Day

If, there is ever a time that I have missed her,
then it is now and compounded by more.
If, I have ever felt of love's succour,
then it is now and it has never been more.

I can see now, as I never saw then,
the foolishness of my half-hearted endeavour.
I know now, what I never knew then,
that love is a place you have to discover.

Love is not a right, nor a privileged favor,
it is earned by deeds and perhaps a little more,
Love can't be forced, nor coerced if ever,
it is a gift given and received per fore.

It is strange, that I realise this,
on the very day, that I accepted its release,
It was a dream, this vision of bliss,
on all her love, I have decided to appease.

But on this day, I have set her free,
from this prison, my misguided love has built,
But on this day, I miss her more readily,
from this token, I have won no victory.

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