As softly as a whisper, borne upon the breeze.
As sweetly as a kiss, from a lover's loving lips.
As gently as a touch, aflamed by passion's lust.
As lovely as it is, to feel what love invests.

To dimly remember, the tales of yesterdays.
To dearly discover, the feel of love's embrace.
To verily forever, lose a part of you.
To luckily recover, the smiles long lost to youth.

Memories of old, that lives on in tides.
Friendships of past, the lives that I have touched.
Loves and lovers lost, those who touched my heart.
Peoples I have met, the world that gave me much.

Upon these fecund fields, a seed did sprout.
upon those lovely years, a tale throughout.
Upon this veil of time, embroided by constellations.
Upon the stretch of years, remembered and forgotten.

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