You can cut our fibre to terminate our internet connection, we will string new cables or use wireless broadband.

You can DDOS our servers flood them to kingdom come, we will prepare new ones and move on into the clouds.

You can threaten us with law suits and harass our reporters, we will face you down and show you true grit, that even John Wayne would be proud.

We will not be silenced.

And we are not alone.

With every attack, every law suit and every harassment, every journalist threatened, punched, kicked or cajoled...

You swell our ranks of readers, broaden our reach to the rakyat and drum up new recruits for our fight.

We will not be silenced.

If needs be we shall tell our stories via word of mouth, strung-up strings and empty cans or bootleg pages and smuggled art.

Enlightenment is not new-tech. It is old-school democra-tech.

It is truth, it is knowledge, it is the full-fledged right of the governed.

The LIBERATION of the rakyat.

Hazlan Zakaria
June 30 2012

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