In The Palace of My Mind

In the palace of my mind,
there is a place that I reserve,
For a lady that have touched my soul,
and shown me what it is to love.

She was never mine to begin with,
and never did I manage to win her hand.
But forever will I keep her with me,
even though its just memories in my mind.

My heart was hollow and my soul was empty,
until the day she walked into my life.
Her presence brightens up my gloomy days,
She brings happiness and makes me so alive.

But fate has foretold and destiny decided,
she was not for me nor am I for her.
We are meant to walk on paths that diverged,
not to share our life beside the other.

It will be a garden of flowers free and wild,
this place that I reserve for she that I revere.
Where wildflowers grow and sway in the wind,
so beautiful and willful oh! just like her.

I will move on with my life that's for sure,
but I will always return to this place now and then.
To watch the wildflowers dance and sway,
and to remember the lady that holds my heart in her hand.

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