I have thought I'd be better off
to discard the baggage of my emotions
being a man of cumbersome thoughts
ladened with fantastical and silly notions

Seeing the world through heavy lenses
of prejudice, pride and bulky preassumptions
oh how I thought I'd be better off
to shed my many weary burdens

Often I see these burdens as weights
that slows me down and weigh my steps
they make me wary and weary my feet
causing those stumbles and troublesome slips

Thus this awesome feat I gingerly start
to unburden a soul and a vision to enlight
discarded was the shell that covered my heart
and removed were the lenses from my sheltered sight

Alas how bizarre it all could be
that it was such an irony for all to see
such bulky burdens and weighty lenses
were indeed a boon instead of cursed legacy

Now that I have them not, I see why they I have got
sharp ended emotions do people cruelly wield
truth brightly blinding the eye is truly fraught
my burdens were my armor and my lenses were my shield

Oh how now I long for what I have lost
those burdens that held me up, the lenses that helped me see
if only I have known how this would play out
if only I could have trusted more in me.

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