Random Mutterings (June 9 2009)

"I must admit that my heart still react to any mention of her. That dub-dub dub-dub out of sync rhythm that would accompany each and every living instance and breathing moment of me when sharing the same space with her. It is highly probable that I am still in love with her. Though maybe not in the same way as before. Love never die they say. So while I may not be head over heels in love with her as I was all those years ago, I still reserve a very special place in my heart for her. Ever wistful if not totally missing her as the days go by."

"Waking up recently to a whole new day, I discovered that my current and newer infatuation may be made of more distracting stuff than just a passing fancy. For as I continue my self willed quarantine, to avoid embarrassing failures or troublesome entanglements, my mind turns more and more to thoughts of her well rounded, curvaceous and personable being. Such that thoughts of her even dared to invade into the sanctum of my dream, dancing her way into my most secret mental precincts. The danger here is that more and more I feel like taking her into my arms and giving her a big wet one, the French way."

"I am desperate, there must be something more to this than just common drudgery. I too tired to walk the mile again and chase the grind without some sort of reasonable recompense. I shall put into motion my last ditched effort to find some gain and find my one true aim. That or execute my self destruct sequence one and take the whole world down with me, or as many as I can, as many as I can."

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