I have felt both
the pain and ecstacy
the taste of honey and bile's bitter remedy

I have seen all
of life's constancy
its hopeful beginnings and in death its ending litany

the touch of love
a viper's deadly kiss
that fearsome embrace that crushes nubile wills

the grip of hatred
the caress of cold iron's brisk
and the sudden swiftness of sharp tempered steel

the tread of friendship
amongst grounds diverse unfamiliar
that gentle bond which crosses all borders

the grimness of emnity
shrouded amidst and unclear
a tenderness that severs all things once held dear

that brazen caress of truth
a freedom to all to see to touch and to know
but a pit too deep to digress before sorrow touches all

the insipid trimmings of a lie
that covers routes most hidden forsaken far below
a little cloud on a dare that shadows the sun's prickly thaw.

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