What I Long For

I have seen the world in my days I deem
I have travelled far and seen spectacular sights
the first drops of dew on morning leaves it gleams
the hummingbirds that flew suspended as if by slight
the last grasping rays of tropical sun that seems
to descend into waves as if plucked by the night
the sprays and cascades of a waterfall's stream
that jaunty parade of bubbling delightS
but what I long for in all my dreams
is only for a glimpse of your beautiful sight

I have heard of songs crafted by art
inspired by muses but to angels belong
symphonies and melodies that stills the heart
concertos and pieces a soul's dipthong
I have heard sweet sounds that nature imparts
the chirping of birds as they fly along
the soothing waves of the sea's caresses light
as they whisper to the sands of the beaches in throngs
but in the ear that sits in my innermost heart
for your lovely voice is all that I long

I have felt the softness of silk's embrace
the sweet lures of a virgin's caress
such delicate tinglings as the warmth encase
in the balmy waters of a hot spring I rest
the refreshing touch of breeze the winds that race
across bays as if a lover trying to confess
the coolness of shade as it comes to replace
the burning rays of sun that has been a duress
but beyond these sensations I long for only one grace
for a timbre and feel of your gentle touch upon my flesh.

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