A Stitch At A Time

Upon the silken strands
that fate have wove for me
into the artful dance
that is life's tapestry

I glimpsed not where it ends
though I knew from whence it came
too many knots to untangle, unwind
how difficult is life to frame

As the spindle churns and loom imprints
the tale of life adjourns to each subtle refrain
how glossy is the past in the sight it glints
that we often are trapped in its gilded chains

But life moves on and the patterns change
each one overlapping, replaced by the new
no matter what joy or indeed what pain
we must learn to reform changing colours and hues

Though the gears and grooves are sometimes choked
knots and tangles will often construe
patience and care most often would work
and sometimes a smile would also do

Remember to keep in the workshop of fate
sharp scissors of wit to untangle what may
a bottle of good humor for which to lubricate
and a dash of forbearance to anchor the day

When tears flow and sadness abounds
let it go and let it drown
paint it blue in colour all around
and then add yellow the color of the sun

In the patterns of life
a storm would we often glance
but despite its strive
in its wake rainbows would dance

Soo many patterns soo many hues
It is oft difficult to count all that was
soo many colours that chance would drew
I am often tired just keeping scores

As I think of the knit that fate may bring
living the day from hem to hem
maybe it is better for us I think
to just live our lives a stitch at a time.

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