A Chance Encounter

When the doorbell rang that day,
I rush to answer on my way,
A voice that echos "Hello" to me,
Such sweet supple melody.

Why she came I can't remember,
Perhaps some trivia or such another,
But I do know that she was here,
And for a moment I thought that love did appear.

Twin gentle eyes that swings to me,
Joined by a smile that speaks truely,
A picture of heaven stood by and by,
An angel right out from the sky.

Where do I begin and where to start,
As this lovely lady captured my heart,
Long have I waited for this to be,
But long have I feared what it would decree.

For once long before have I felt this way,
Only to know the true meaning of dismay,
What lies beyond this meeting by chance,
Dare I pursue and once again risk to dance.

How can a lady one such a stranger,
Quickened my love with just a whisper,
Why can I still see craddled in stars,
That lovely lady driving off in her car.

A new day hereafter a chance to begin,
Should I risk it ever or dare I abstain,
Rainbows are dancing sunshine is shining,
Old songs of dreams have just begun to sing.

Was it fate or chance encounter,
Is it destiny for me and for her,
I wish I knew and I hope it was,
For my mind is troubled my heart at loss.

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