Sleeplessness, Too Much Coffee and The Internet

I am usually candid, reserved and somewhat silent
But the grogginess of not sleeping
Have always conspired to affect my judgement
The disruption to resting
Has rendered my synapses somewhat inefficient
Making me less constrained
to render careful thoughts to actions
The consumption of coffee
Is also somewhat a challenge
For the caffein that I take
Doth cause indirect corellation
This giddiness of the head
A lightheaded emotion
I have become a thing
of unintelligeble compunction
Such that it is
That in normal communication
That I still pause to think
Before exchanging information
But such as in things
In instant communication
I often overtype
Hitting "sent" before consideration
only to realise now
Its awful implications
To those I have frightened
With my tasteless jokes and awful renditions
I say my farewell
And bids my apology in regretful silence
For these sleepless behaviour
lack of tack and perhaps an unbounded imagination
You will see no more of my stupid and inconsiderate posts
I am sorry again for my sleepless and caffein fueled pontifications.

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