I Told Myself

I told myself
again and again
I never cared
nor gave a damn.

But why is it there
this feel of chagrin
even when I've long
recovered the pain.

Too long now
since twilight's fall
the setting sun
have left no dawn.

From empty aisles
in abandoned malls
echoes still sing
but the melodies are gone.

Anchored beyond
once azure skies
lies the broken remains
of lost horizons.

Once decked and followed
by nimble suitors
now lost forever
manicured in gloom.

In whatever form
by whichever route
this forgotten tale
must perhaps be told.

In the flowering of time
the blooming of days
what remains of hope
might somehow still dream.

For even in darkness
perhaps I still wish
to awaken once more
in the light of the day.

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