How Can I...

How can I describe these poundings of my heart,
but in the likeness of waves crashing upon surf.
thunderous poundings those hammering crests,
and yet a caress as gentle as the breeze.

how can I attest this tightening in my throat,
but as the tight embrace of absent lovers reunited.
a lingering feeling of constricting curves,
the sweet sweet tingle of skin upon skin.

how can I explain a glimmer of your face,
but as the landscape of heaven on loan to mortal lands.
a picture of beauty perfection formed,
the graceful depiction of an angel's pose.

how can I express a timbre of your voice,
but as a symphony of angels singing celestial songs.
the tunes the melodies a sweet respite,
tantamount to murder upon weak weak hearts.

how can I impress the sublety of your touch,
but as the gentle warmth of summer lingering on frozen winters.
a brush a tingle and perhaps a little more,
the delectable musings craddled in delight.

how can I protest the dalliance of your eyes,
but as pools of pleasure that deliciously drowns.
the waters of love crowned by lust,
a taste of the luscious pleasures to come.

how can I resist the offers of your love,
but as a willing slave donning gilded chains.
the surrender of will the lifting of veils,
opening the sight for visions untold.

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