If You Ever Asked A Soldier

If you ever asked a soldier
as to why did he went to war
to fight and die in foreign corners
why do they relish this horrible endeavour

though not accurate in all the census
what you will hear will echo familiar
the answer most likely that you will hear
is perhaps delivered in this exact temper

it is not my wish to become a soldier
nor my ambition to kill and conquer
I am for the most a man as equal
as any that walked through life's adventure

but I always have this curious tingle
whenever I sing the national anthem
as I lift my sight to the the national flag
I felt these tuggings in my heart's bosom

I am not really brave though not a coward either
but I would if asked probably with vigor
lay down my life for pride and granduer
fighting to the end against scourge and terrors

for deep within my core my very being
sits a boy with his wooden sword unsheathing
with visions of glory that war does bring
the dedication to duty that my heart does cling

but above and beyond my childish fancy
is strangely enough my belief in serenity
I truly believe that for the sake of posterity
I will lay my life and partake in savagery

another anchor to my dreams of soldiers
is my belief in fellow men in valor and honor
for there is to me no greater honor
then to stand with another in glorious valor

for the true meaning of the word soldier
the true calling of the word honor
is perhaps the men you stand beside of
at that lonely hour when the need is most dire

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