The Journals of Al-Hambra Act IV

As months went past
since the discovery of the code
the Talamasca's attempts
at translating Al-Hambra's words

they failed in all
despite their best
tensions run high
in Talamasca halls

but then
a junior Talamasca member
realised the script
was in oblique timbre

the notes resound
in melodic chatter
a musical notation
comes out hither

transposing the notes
and the melodies found
the scripts yield out
the meanderings of Al-Hambra

at last!
the work can begin
the translation of texts
understanding of words

the story was at last told
the journals read out aloud
the secrets Al-Hambra stole
are now for the Talamasca to grasp

after a time the
story was heard
the ancient tales
of fairies and fey

their wisdom their lore
and powers of old
a search was begun
to reap more that unfold

a report
to the Illuminati was made
outlining the potential
these journals had

as a means of extending
the Illuminati's power grab
and warnings of the threats
of the fairy follower's tribes

again the Order of Cincinati
was called to stand to task
acquiring the twelve relics
and destroying the twelve tribes

while the Talamasca studies
their first translation was given
the first of the relics
its location they have discerned

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