The Journals of Al-Hambra Act II

In the treasure house of Egypt
a treasure trove was found
a hoard of findings so great
that the world it truly astounds

a shepherd and his flock
wandering in the sands
found an indentation on a cliff
a passageway to a cave

a man made rock redoubt
carved into sandstone blocks
a door sealed with mud
to keep the air intact

inside was a valuable load
a plethora of books and scrolls
a helping of ancient knowledge
saved when Alexandria was burned

Oh joy! to scholars all
to find the tales they thought was lost
interesting versions of things once thought
new speculations on every theory sought

As well as some books
one here and there
written by a scholar unheard
by the name of Al-Hambra

his books were all collected
and studied by the scholars
but even to them his coded writings
were as colors to the blind

until a librarian of Talamasca
scholars serving the Illuminati
found a reference in a text
of obscure and ancient lineage

the first pages we known
translated by this code
it tells of an emblem
of a vase precious to Amun

this vase a gift by Egypt
to the Amorites in north Africa
as a tribute to a treaty
which was carried to Palestine

it tells of a note
hidden in that vase
kept recessed under copper
molded under glass

so the Illuminati held a meeting
a counting of all their deacons
they reached a full accounting
concocted a resolution

this ancient knowledge herein hidden
could be the quickenings to greater power
so seek we must and seek we shall
to find this vase and light it's latent ember

so the Illuminati decided
all their resources compounded
the Order of Cincinnati was called
to conduct this potent endeavour

As the Illuminati's seat
their organization in North America
the Order of Cincinnati
wields influence and great power

the US Senate in their grasp
the US President is their pawn
the US treasury their assets
and the US military do they own

in the shadows perhaps
this power they wield
but their influence in general
is very very real.

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