A Wanderer Well Scarred

I am a wanderer,
my paths have walked the worlds
my routes are tangled untold
my sights have seen it all.

I am well travelled,
journeyed beyond the gates
crossed the mighty straits
and climbed the frosted peaks.

I am embittered,
having seen all of guile's designs
been shown the cruelties of men
having felt the scourge of women.

I am tired,
my steps are in defeat
my trails in marshy deeps
my hopes are dashed to bits.

I am betrayed,
by friends or those I thought
even time does runneth out
and fate cares all for naught.

I am lost,
streetsigns they no longer print
landmarks have all gone since
and breadcrumbs I did not bring.

I am scarred,
my flesh are marked by wounds
my heart were stabbed by emotions
my dreams have long been silenced.

I am a wanderer,
a wanderer well scarred.

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