Life's Remote

Brought up in the view
of tv's diorama
I grew up to become
a couch potato voila

a remote in my hand
soda in a can
snacks aplenty
askew in my front

the vcr is great
a tv's true companion
the features I like most
is forward rewind and pause

when bored by hours waiting
or things I don't want to see
I press the button forward
till better things perceive

to relive a favourite scene
a moment in refrain
I press the button rewind
and live again in thrill

the pause button I use
to stop things when in doubt
to check for references
and wait for toilet breaks

how great is this remote
with buttons galore
to speed up all the shows
and repeat the delights

I often wonder if there is a chance
that this wonderful wonder
can be applied to life
how would that be I seek to ask

if only to circuit city
this new remote I buy
but instead of the tv
to life its button applies

what a world I wonder
that would play out to be
to pause when I ponder
and rewind to repeat

forward when I clamor
impatient not to wait
off when I wanted
to rest a little bit

forward pause rewind
life would be a breeze
all that I will find
I have plenty of time to live.

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