I Am One, I Am Humanity

I am one,
I am humanity,
am I done,
am I to be.

I live once,
in many splintered minds,
in separate bodies of flesh,
that decays over time,
I forget a lot,
of what I once knew,
lost to death,
except for records kept,
many thoughts,
none converge,
many feelings,
interlocked but diverse,
many visions,
all different confused,
many voices,
all discordant confound,
many beliefs,
inherently unsound.

Now I live in many bodies,
made of flesh and metal parts,
but in one mind single conscience,
united by proton sparks,
I live forever eternally,
unbothered by time,
I know all omniscience,
remembering all things,
many minds,
but one thought,
many hearts,
but one feeling,
many eyes,
but one vision,
many mouths,
but one voice,
one belief,
and one choice.

I am one,
I am humanity,
am I done,
am I to be?

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