To Thee O Sweet Angel

To thee O sweet angel,
I give my total obeisance,
upon thy lovely mantel,
I place my soul's license.

To thee,
the treasures of this earth,
thy hair,
that flows as precious silk,
thy skin,
as smooth as ivory tips,
thine eyes,
as green as emerald deeps,
thy lips,
arrayed with rubies red,
these jewels
adorn thy peerless grace.

To thee,
the thresholds of heaven,
the stars,
I did pluck to adorn,
thy face,
of consummate perfection,
thy grace,
eclipses the moon,
the skies,
are but reflections,
thy beauty,
that even angels long.

To thee,
the pleasures of this world,
thy touch,
that brims with sumptuous delights,
thy voice,
that brings shudders to my soul,
thy looks
that brings tremors to my heart,
thy kiss,
the tender stirrings of lust,
thy love,
sweet answers to dreams.

To thee my sweet angel,
upon this delicate gentle rhyme,
I deliver this precious parcel,
this tender love I have for thine.

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