An Ode to History

Upon the walls of Carthage
in manicured Persian gardens
within temples of the Greeks
on the road with Roman legions

my thoughts and imagination does seek
the pinnacle and pitfalls of ambition
the triumph of empires over the meek
the rise and fall of nations

upon the tips of bloodied spears
in the clashing of swords upon bare shields
the flights of arrows and javelin hurls
the blood well-spilt upon the fields

across the counting of the years
in the writings of history's quill
spreads a vista of terror and tears
the price of power that we so wield

along the meanderings of the Nile
upon the tides of the Mediterranean
following the Indus in its guile
along the ridges of the Andean

silent ruins that marks the miles
of mankind's route to reach for reason
history's attempt and concerted try
to ascend and forge a civilized existence

in the Oracle of Delphi
within the chambers of Amun
in the annals of prophecy
hidden in sacred tombs

the secrets of divinity
a glimpse of tomorrow looms
sins of the past its progeny
the price of future's boon

upon the tongues of teachers
in the scribblings of scribes
within the lectures of elders
upon the poets' artistic stride

the songs and tales that gathers
the constant prevailing of tides
trickling sand that measures
every hour that existence bide.

within splendours of abandoned cities
on sleeping pigments upon lost scrolls
inside the dreams of slumbering deities
tales and legends passed down from the old

timeless lessons of antiquity
whispers of truth countlessly told
pearls of wisdom transcending eternity
for all to wonder, reap and behold.

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