Whimsical Meanderings From The Song of Songs

Upon the gentle blowing of the evening breeze
in the fading rays of the setting sun
I see the past and future streaming by
billowed by the winds of time

visions flying on the wings of hope
dreams floating on the wisps of love
tales that tells of things from long ago
stories that stirs the thoughts of tomorrow

beyond this veil of space and time
I see across the lands of fate
soaring on the tides of truth
breaking from the coils of mortal ken

diving in the depths of memory
swimming in the pools of celestial sense
tasting the fruits of Eden's glen
shuddering in delight and ecstasy

waking up in the green green dale
in the valley of fantasy
on the isle of wishful whims
upon the flight of fanciful dreams

but in this wakeful world of ours
I still see the makings of a dream
the stories and tales that we might still tell
for the world still has a lot to achieve

upon our hopes and dreams are pinned
the futures and pasts that we have planned
so ride the rainbows and bestride the earth
making it as beautiful and as wonderful as we can.

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